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         Top 100, Talk Shows and PR Services

Radio airplay, promotion, and public relations for independent and major artist. Our radio and promotional services have resulted in major label contracts, label distribution, increased sales, US & Europe airplay, world tours, talk show bookings, film & television placement, and national charting with Billboard, BDS, Mediabase, DRT, CMJ, R&R and Europe. Call 1-800-470-8803 or email



 Submit Your Music for Radio Airplay!

Music Registry offers radio promotion & radio airplay to independent and major artist on FM (Mediabase & BDS Monitoring), Sirius XM, College, Yahoo, MTV, Music Choice, On Demand, VH1, Shoutcast, Pandora, Europe, BBC, UK, Canada, Russia, Australia, and China Radio.  Our team networks with Program Directors, Station Managers, DJ's, Publicist, and affiliates to achieve national radio airplay, interviews, charting, major label contracts, world tours and exposure!  In addition, we add each track for digital accessibility & review by thousands of radio stations, DJs, music supervisors, music producers, and publications in over 60 countries.

Radio Campaigns include weekly airplay reports, station links (hear your music played live), airplay dates, times, locations and total spin count. Stations are monitored, pay royalties and contribute to all major CHARTS including commercial and non-commercial radio. Our organization has over 60 yrs combined experience specializing in promotion, FM Radio Airplay, Sirius XM, Europe and currently hold artist on Billboard Top 10, Billboard Top 100, BDS, Mediabase, CMJ, DRT, R&R and World Charts.  Music Registry charted over 400 major and independent recording artist in 2014 and continues to chart over 70% of all radio campaigns through monitored radio airplay!  Weekly airplay reports are provided with all radio campaigns, including weekly BDS and/or Mediabase reports.  References are available upon request. 

Music Registry Inc is the original creator of all website content, prices and radio campaigns provided on our site.  Over the past decade our corporation has gained notoriety and success while helping a large number of independent and major artist.  Unfortunately, this has also brought many copyright infringements.   Our team has worked extremely hard to build an honest and dependable business.  Please contact the Federal Trade Commission if you have made a payment to another company and did NOT receive services.  Fraudulent use of our services, theft of our services or using a stolen credit card will result in filing a complaint with the internet crimes bureau and reporting to your local authorities for felony theft charges.  All original radio campaigns and prices created and copyrighten in Sept 2008.  Logo "Need Radio Play ?" created and copyrighten 2009 by Music Registry Inc.   

GOLD Record Presented to
Cash Out "Cashin Out" Campaign

Music Registry ranks under 100k in the US and has grown to be one of the largest radio airplay and promotional firm's in the United States.  Communicating daily with radio stations and affiliates to provide world wide Radio Airplay, Interviews, MTV& BET Video Placement, Publications, TV & Film, Branding, Talk Show Booking, and major label distribution . Accepted formats include Pop, Rhythmic, Urban, Country, Adult Hits, Alternative, Gospel and Christian music.  All tracks are submitted electronically. No CD duplication or station mailings are required with our radio campaigns!

Featured Artist  

Al D "Ballaz" - Mediabase/BDS Top Urban/Rhythmic, FM Markets WRBJ, KNDA, WFXE, WEUP, WRSV, BBC, WCCG, WLZN, WIIZ
Arika Kane "Cant Get Enough" - Charted Top Rhythmic, Mediabase Top 100, WWKX, WOCQ, WPEG, WRB, WZMX, WRVZ
Relentless One ft. Snoop Dog "Jiggle It" - Mediabase Top Urban & Top Rhythmic, Top FM Markets
Kstylis "Hands Up Get Low" - Mediabase/BDS Top 100, Amazon Top 10, FM Top 40, South, West, SE, SW
Blu Denim & Migos "Gucci Scarf" - Charted Mediabase Top 20 Urban, Top Rhythmic, KMEL, GA, WV, MD, NV, AL 
Tutor Babi "Turn Up All Weekend" - Top 40 FM Radio, Mediabase Top 100
Jennifer Lopez- "First Love" - A.K.A. Album -Billboard Top 100, Billboard Top 20, Mediabase/BDS Top 100
Arika Kane w/Brian McKnight "It's There" - Mediabase Top Rhythmic, FM Top 40 
Chingy w/Nelly "Money Disease" - Mediabase Top 40, Top Rhythmic Mediabase/BDS,  FM Top 40 
Thunder and Lightning "FireCracker" - Mediabase Top 40 Urban, National Top 200, Over 20 FM Markets
Kasha "I Want You"- Mediabase Top 100, FM Airplay in South and SE Markets 
Oshyn "Lunchtime"- Mediabase Top 40, National Top 200 and FM Top 40 
DREX "Where U From"-Charted Mediabase Top 20, FM Airplay Top 20 Markets 
Chingy "Falling"-FM Top 40 Markets, St Louis, South and Southeast
THA VILL "She Bad"-Mediabase Top Urban, FM Airplay in South, Southeast Markets 
Blakhoody Yung Me "Live It Up"- Top 20 Mediabase, Top 40 FM Radio, 6 FM Markets 
Rick Vega & Ray J "We Fly"-Charted Top 40, Columbus, CA, LA, Top Urban Mediabase
Lil Dee God's Gift "Lay It Down Ft. Kevin Gates -Charted Top 20, Mediabase/BDS Urban & Rhythmic 
Diehard Dinero "Stanky" -Charted Top 40 Mediabase Urban
An1 "How She Do That" - Charted #32 Mediabase Top 40 Urban 
Cuantro "Crack or Starve"-Charted #34 Mediabase Top 40
Team Go "Its Crackin" -Charted #27 Mediabase Top Urban, FM Top 40 Airplay
Laurelle "Years Ago"-Charted #30 Mediabase Top Urban, FM Top 40 Southern Markets
J Metro "Shades Of Gray" -Charted #69 Top 200,  Billboard Top 20 Singles & Billboard Top 100
DMAZE "Tonight" -  Charted Billboard Top 20 & Billboard Top 100  
Ca$h Out "Cashin' Out" - Billboard & Over 50k Spins, GOLD Record Presented to 
Bad Nuze "Game We Play" - National Top 100, Signed Label Contract w/ Makaveli Music Group 
Big Head "Drinks On Me"- FM Airplay, South and SE Mediabase Markets
Young Chizz "Swagger On A Million" -Charted Top 20 Mediabase/BDS Urban, #7 Top Rhythmic, Major Label Offer w/ Interscope Records
Drea Love "Lights Down"- Top 40 BDS/Mediabase Airplay, Jackson, TX, etc
Rasta Zilion "Pump Your Brakes" -Top 40 Mediabase Rhythmic, California,Washington,TX
J Metro "Baby"- 14 Top FM Markets, Charted Top 40 BDS/Mediabase x 7 wks, Billboard Top 20 Singles
Yung Clicka "Work Out" -FM Top 40 BDS Airplay, South & SE Markets
Kelly Clarkson "Mr.Know It All"- FM Top 40, Billboard Top 100
DreadChild "The Definition ft Erika David"- FM Top 40 Airplay,South/SE Markets     
Psyco Sid "I'm Ready ft. J-Dawg"- BDS Top 40 Airplay/Charted Top 100 
Real Right "Bananas"- Mediabase Top Urban, FM Top 40, FM South, SE Markets 
Cutting Edge "Without You" - Charted #10 Billboard Top 20, Top CMJ Rock, FM Top 40
Big Reep "Turn You Out" - FM Top 40 Airplay WZMX  Connecticut & Virginia 
Betty Wright "GO" (S-Curve Records) -Charted TOP 100,  National Radio Airplay 
Lack Of Flaws "Right Now w/Brandon White" -FM Top 40 Airplay,OVER 10k Plays,Chicago,Atl,CA,MI,Detroit 
Filthy Rich "Getem On The Dance Floor" -FM TOP 40 Airplay , Houston, El Paso, NC, AL
Mac Reem "Serious"  - Charted Top Mediabase/BDS, Airplay on KMEL, KREV, KFRH, KRCK, KGGI WCCG
JoBee "After The Club w/ Dalivaa" - OVER 15,000 PLAYS , Top 10 Mediabase/12wks on charts
Mase "Like This" -Top 10 Rhythmic, Top 100 Pop, Top 100 New Rhythmic Release, Top 40 FM Airplay 
JJ Money "Swaggberry ft. Reema Major" UNIVERSAL RECORDS CANADA/ G7 RECORDS - FM Top 40 & Charted Top 100
Money 1st ft Treal Lee & Prince Rick "Gettin To The Money"- Charted Top 100/ Houston, El Paso, South, SE Markets
RIM RAW "Captivating"- FM Airplay/Charted Top 100, Georgia,NC,SC,AL, Virginia & more
A.O.N. ft. WALE "Hater Watch Me"- CHARTED Top 40 Rhythmic & Pop, Europe/ FM Charts 
Bigg Pearl "The Benjamins" -TOP 30 Rhythmic/Pop, Pop,FM TOP 40 Airplay WRSV, WEUP, XHTO 
Exidus,"Whop Whop",- #8 in the Nation, TOP 40 Airplay, Mediabase FM Charts, 1000 wkly plays! 
Macafee "@ Large ft. JD" -TOP 40, FM Airplay California, West Coast Market
Gucci Mane w/BRI - 1100 Wkly Plays, Top 40 BDS & Mediabase, National Top 40 Airplay & #8 Mediaguide
Pretty Ricky & Robyn Z,Top 40 Rhythmic,  FM/Europe/College/Internet
Wyclef Jean & Desiree, Top 40, National Radio Airplay, Over 900 wkly plays!
Curtis Young (Dr Dre's Son) "Muzik" Mediabase Top Urban, Top Rhythmic, Over 1000 wkly plays
Arika Kane, "Here With Me", National Top 40, OVER 1000 wkly plays
Yo Gotti/Nick Ross "Swagg It Out" #12 on BDS , Top 10 Mediabase, Billboard Top 20, Billboard Top 100, OVER 1200 wkly plays





Redemption of the Beast, DMX

Hip Hop/Rap



A.K.A. (Deluxe Version), Jennifer Lopez   

Jennifer Lopez


Ballaz (feat. E.S.G., The Mo City Don & Griddy Vocalz) - Single, Al D 

Al D
Hip Hop/Rap


 Color Me Bad - EP, Franchize  

Hip Hop/Rap 

Street Certified, Brotha Blakk

Brotha Blakk
Hip Hop/Rap 

I Shall Be Released, Warren J. Gallimore

Warren J Gallimore



 Teeza (feat. Tigga Bounce) - Single, Fly Richie

Fly Richie
Hip Hop/Rap


Firecracker - Single, Thunder and Lightning

Thunder and Lightning 
Hip Hop/Rap

Kiss Me Once (Special Edition), Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue 

Cashin' Out [Explicit]   

Cash Out
Hip Hop/Rap 

Finally Made It (Clean Version) - Single, The Phoeno 

The Phoeno
Hip Hop/Pop 

Butterfly - Single, Erica Bronwyn 

Erica Bronwyn




City to City, Drex






Y.A.L.I (Young and Livin It) - Single, Lia 



 Falling Feat. L.Frost - Single, Chingy

Chingy Jackpot
Hip Hop/Rap

We Fly (feat. Ray J) - Single, Rick Vega

Rick Vega ft Ray J
Hip Hop/Rap 



A Little Rough - Single, Malina Moye

Malina Moye



Stronger, Kelly Clarkson  

Kelly Clarkson 


 Talk a Good Game, Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland




Jason Derulo




Waiting for You - Single, Ajibade




 Side Effects of You, Fantasia




Live It Up (feat. Eskimo & Mr.KP) - Single, Yung Me

Blakhoody Yung Me
Hip Hop/Rap



Jay Sangz
Hip Hop/Rap



 Fill Us Again - Single, Niles Bess

Niles Bess


 Kontrol - Single, Kayo$$ 

Hip Hop/Rap

The Nights (feat. Jimmy) - Single, Scotty Albright

Scotty Albright

Can't Call It - Single, PlayBoySwag

Hip Hop/Rap

 It's There (Radio Version) [feat. Brian Mcknight] - Single, Arika Kane

Arika Kane

It Smells Like Girls in Here - Single, Jackson Michael

Jackson Michael


Freaky Thangs - Single, Dialtone

Hip Hop/Rap


Stone Paxton
Hip Hop/Rap

I Feel Alive - Single, Inanna



Sacrifice - Single, Xavier E 

Xavier E

Girl We Just Friends - Single, MR.MIL KingOfNextlevel

Mr. MIL KingOfNextlevel
Hip Hop/Rap  



 Stanky (feat. Fly Lo) - Single, DieHard Dinero

DieHard Dinero
Hip Hop/Rap





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