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Register My Music is a phenomenal service, we used them to service our artist Reema Major's music worldwide and now she is signed to Universal/Interscope Records.

G7 Records, Universal Canada   @g7records  @kwajocinqo

Thank you to my wonderful publicist Kathryn Sebanc and her awesome team of music moguls at!
She just delivered the world premiere of Wu Tang Clan's Zu Films INC BOUND2BREAK music video by Saydah to the media. 
 Wu Tang Clan's Zu Films  @SaydahWuTangZu


@KathrynSebanc @Registermymusic Thank you guys for everything! Music Registry will always be my marketing team!

LJ @YaBoiEljay                


S/O 2 @KathrynSebanc one of the most solid industry people I know, appreciate everything you do for me.

Podgy Smith @podgysmith                      

My name is Young Chizz, i am a 28 year hiphop artist from Jamaica Queens, New York City. There comes a point in your career when you need to take things to the next level, when you know that you are ready for the world and ready to take it over. When i reached that point, i contacted Kathryn and Their radio campaigns not only generated awareness, grew my fan base, boosted my sales, and got me more shows but they also got me in contact with major record labels and I am working something major as we speak. Without them, I'm not sure where my career would be! This is the best decision I've made as an artist. Thank you for everything!-
Young Chizz "Swagger On A Million" @imyoungchizz


"Very awesome," "Thanks so much for all your help with Fatkid Dodgeball." "Keep up the great work - its my pleasure to recommend you!"

MTV Networks, Manager and Attorney    Kimberley Williams


S/O TO @registermymusic been riding with us for awhile now!!!!  If your an artist and need "Actual" radio play @Marvalous2323


1 luv to @Registermymusic for your support and love  for all artist around the world! #KathrynSebanc @ArtistsUnitedWW @AngelSessions


Hey I just wanted to send out a thank you to you guys for getting my record "I Show Off" charted since then I been getting a lot of offers I look forward to doing more campaigns with you guys in the future I really appreciate the work.

Stress Dollaz, CEO Rotten Apple Entertainment


I wanna thank music registry, an honest, hardworking radio company. I can personally vouch that they are hardworking professionals that can take you to the next level.  "Thanks kathryn Sebanc"    DREX @Realdrex

Music Registry is at the top of their game. They designed new marketing concepts and ideas for several large products and clients.       

Mark/Universal Projection Team 

Kathryn Sebanc and the Registermymusic team helped launch Electronic Audio Amazon Discount Electronics. After 8 weeks the website traffic is over 2k visitors a day, paid website advertisements, increased sales and partnerships.   

Electronic Audio  @AmazonAudio


"I really appreciate what you did for me,and everything beyond that too.
You guys are the TOPS,and I will be telling people about you...

Randy Clark/Country Music Singer

I have worked with many companies in this industry, and Music Registry, trumps them all. Ganvo Records / Lamarr & Ria will always use Music Registry. they get a 12 out of 10.

Ganvo Records

"Register my music is 100% legit and most radio promoters out source through them.  They were recommended to me by an executive from MTV and I have been a loyal customer of there's with all of my releases.  I definitely would recommend them to any indie label or artist that's trying to have that major label look and get on the charts."  LienCa Music Inc @Santasmusic
"Register my music is one of the most powerful yet cost effective way for indie artist to get their music played and charted.  Kathryn is amazing and has been my go to person for every song I release.  I received close to 1,000 plays weekly and nationally and my single charted in several Top 10 charts including Radiowave,Mediabase and  My music was even being played in Czech Republic, Italy, France, to name a few.  I could not have had the success I have obtained without their services.  Where most radio promoters over charge and get you limited plays, Register My Music literally works your record, provide analytic and get you charted!!! You really cant ask for more especially with their amazing rates.  I highly recommend Register My Music for all Independent artist and Indie labels. Men lie, women lie but numbers don't ; )
Thank you Kathryn,  SANTA  XOxoXO  
Managed by mulit-platinum producers FULL FORCE, creating hits for Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Britney Spears & Nicki Minaj

I just got my first publishing check thanks to you guys I am so grateful you guys are the real deal  
Independent Artist Knoc

As an artist I knew what I wanted I just didn't know how to obtain it. You need someone to bridge the gap, and I knew as an independent artist this is MY CAREER and I have to invest in it. Through the proper marketing I have received major FM, satellite, College and Internet.  Thank You for everything. Plat'num (Hip Hop Recording Artist) @immaculate561 or

"I have nothing but good things to say about music registry. The team of people over there take care of business and work hard for the artist that they work with.  I will continue to work with them with all my music projects."

1 N A Million Management Group, LLC  www.1namillionmgmt.m

Partnership and keeping promises are so important when picking the right radio promoter. Music Registry has been more than just a service provider they became a partner. Launching a new artist is difficult and promotion can  very costly. We picked Music Registry because of their experience level and understanding of targeted marketing to maximizing our promotional budget. We achieved 500,000+ views on my youtube video within one month and over 5,000+ likes on facebook and 10,000+ followers’ on twitters within one month of promotion with Music Registry.  If it wasn’t for Music Registry’s targeted marketing campaign we would never achieve national exposure so quickly and most importantly it meet our budget! We are planning to double our promotional budget in 2014 and we are very confident that Music Registry will deliver all our expectations.

(Artist received fm radio airplay, mediabase top 40 charting and placement with an ABC show "Up Beat Dancer")  


Lee Horger, Director of Artist Development

Night Writer Music



Thanks to the staff at music registry im on the air and getting spins
worldwide. They helped my album become they 5th most anticipated album for 2011.
Mac Reem

Carlton Wright - CWONE ENT

I spent $2500 in 2009 on an A&R consultant who setup a meeting with Def Jam records which was a waste of my time and money. Music Registry has helped me gain exposure with my music across the country which I thought was only possible for artists signed to major record labels. When it comes to marketing & promotion Music Registry is phenomenal!!! -  CHOZIN (Hip Hop Artist)

If you are serious about a radio campaign check them out.  Harold Jamez,  From Tha Bottom Music & Clothing  @HaroldJamez 

My team makes dreams come true!  THA VILL  @THAVILL

I Can't tell you enough how i love your site .As an independent country artist/songwriter you helped
me air my song "We're Gonna Make it" CHARTED TOP 20 NEW COUNTRY RELEASE .
Weekly Radio Charting. You Guys are AMAZING!!!.Thank you for all your help. I Recommend this
site to anyone wanting to "Storm the music industry".   
ALBERT BERNICKY - Country Artist/Songwriter-


I'm so thankful to have found this service. I couldn't believe it at first but it really is a great way to get your music heard! I highly recommend it to all artists out there who want to get started the right way!   Joseph Gomez (Pop Artist)

There's not a doubt in my mind, without Music Registry we would have not attained as much airplay and interest in our artists that we have. Your service is on point and you do what you say you'll do. Thank you. Managment for Recording Artist AG

You are the greatest Radio promotion company I have ever worked with, your work changes life's
and inspires us musicians to reach a greater level then we ever thought possible.
I cannot thank you enough and would recommend you to anyone serious about getting their music onto
radio and making there dreams a reality. Your simply awesome!!!!!  Liam Golder/Hope St. Recordings

I would like to take this time to say thank you for such a gracious reply. I did not know what to expect from such a radio campaign. "Cry Baby Cry" was my first radio campaign. I have to say I was very pleased and amazed at such great customer service. Your website was right on target and did exactly was advertised. I was so pleased, I am coming back with a single from my new CD. I look forward to bigger and better results. It has been an exciting adventure that I pray leads me to higher and higher heights in Our Lord and Savior.  Willie J Adams,

“As an indie artist, Music Registry has helped me to chart on RadioWave, get in rotation on FM radio and helped me gain the attention of some major labels…all inside of 6 months.  What more is there to say…” -  SONNY BLACK -


"Service is amazing, you always get your reports on time, you have a representative to contact at anytime of the day or night, and you see instant results. I wouldn't hire anybody else."


Music Registry has done for me what is unheard of in the Industry today.
They actually got my song to radio.  I have been working in the industry
for over 15 years and what they did for me in 90 days was incredible. I
went from zero to over 40 Stations in Europe and 20 in America.  After the
airplay I was approached by management firms, Labels, and promoters.  I
can't thank you enough for all that you have done for me. I wil  definitely
recommend them to anyone who wants to succeed. They are here to help which
is rare in this industry.
Todd co

Music Registry with out a doubt is a bridge that crosses the gap between you and your success. This business is about exposure plain and simple and that's exactly what the Music Registry does for you.

Artist J Flo

Appreciate all your  help with "Tour Guide To New Bride" & Charting!  WORDSMITH,

Music Registry is the real deal.  They have been consistent and successful in helping my songs get increased airplay both in the U.S. and overseas.  One of my songs even charted in 2010.  They are great both for new and/or established artists. Thank you Music RegistrySteve Ryan  

Hey Hey Kathryn my friend! I checked it out that's nice,I like it I really do!  Thank very much I really appreciate you!  God Bless You!   Have a good weekend!  Your friend KOOTAMA!  


Thanks a million, the airplay has certainly exceeded our expectations, I would recommend you guys to anyone wanting airplay.
We have had complements from several DJ's and radio stations, We sure didnt expect that.
Dear Music Registry, 
Just a quick note to thank you for your wonderful and professional services.
We are delighted with the results and look forward to continuing. 
Lotus Dog


"We cant thank you enough for all ur hard work"

hugs and kisses MikeALike

"WOW the song is doing great","Thank U for all ur help with my airplay" Mezonic


"couldnt be happier with our airplay"Stallionaires (Real and Chance from VH1)  Quote from John Adams

"Music Registry kick started my career." Independent artist Daydabass

 "appreciate all your help with our airplay" Chris Roker. The School Tour

"Music registri is really a responsive team and they do an awesome job
on giving you feedback. they were kind enough to have my remix played
on the page views increased a lot"
Phil Flarvh philflarvh@GMAIL.COM

"Dont use their services if you'r not ready to take your career to the next level" Shadow X

This is the coolest site ever. If you want your music to be heard around the globe, then you have come to the right place....

A great site for all artists!.

I found the site to be very informative without being overwhelming. The range of services offered are appealing to me as an independent label owner.. 

A very useful resource for aspiring music artists. .

Great site. Would like to suggest it to all the musicians i work with..

You definetly have a great site for the future of the music industry..

Love your site, and the services your offering.

This site is amazing perfect for artists and music producers.

This is a good site for those with creative albums that want to move forward with their material. This group helps to get your music on the air. .http://www.ernestosm

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