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Since the age of ipods, cell phones and the internet, independent artist now have a huge advantage with online sales and marketing. The online radio market gets over 70% of the listening volume which now creates a large window of opportunity for Independent artist and online sales. The internet has brought more opportunty to artist but at the same time created alot of confusion. Music Registry offers a variety of services including radio, promotion and help with registration applications.

What We Do: 

-Digital and Physical Distribution with Universal Records

-Royalties with Soundexchange and Performance Rights Organization

-Radio Airplay with FM, College, Sirius and Internet Radio

-BDS and Mediabase Weekly Airplay Reports

-National Radio and TV Commercials (30 and 60 Sec, all fm stations available)

-Movie Theater Promotion (30 sec commercial added to previews and lobby)

-Mass Texting including download sales link and giveaway's

-MOBILE messaging to fans, mobile websites, text to win, mobile coupons, sms birthday wishes, social media 

-FM Server, track will be available to 16,000 PD and DJs

-Networking and Social Network Promotion

-One Sheet and EPK 

-Increase Website Rank, build online presence and FANS

-Video Placement on BET, MTV, Vh1, Music Choice, Vivo, Etc

-National Talk Shows, Interview & Performance 

(Jimmy Kimmel, Tyra, 106 & Park, Jimmy Fallon, Conan, Live w/Kelly & Michael, Ellen DeGeneres)

-Sales and Billboard Top 20 Singles, Billboard Top 100

-Barcode & Soundscan Registration

-Copyright-PA and SR

-Sales and Selling on Consignment

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