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MARKETING, Email Retargeting, Guaranteed Results!

Email Retargeting 

Ad reminders of your music or product on the web!
Retargeting is driven by email open, click activities or IP targeting to the target demographic and social accounts.  We'll place banner ads for you on nationally recognized websites and highly trafficked local sites so your target consumers will see YOUR ADVERTISEMENT while browsing the internet! This additional frequency and exposure builds additional awareness and legitimacy for your promotional campaign.  Campaign runs for 90 days.  


Seeing results from your campaigns is easy. Clients receive detailed email campaign analytics including click rates, open rates, seo data, website rank and more!


Our team will create an email and customer list with the ability to augment to augument demographics and more!  Email list will be implemented into email marketing software. 

To start your campaign please email the following information to

Artist Name
Song Title
Album Name
Contact Details
Company Name
Company Address
Owner Name 
Publishing Company (not required) 
Demographic (not required)
Google Email Login and Password
Social Links
Campaign will start immediately upon submission of all information and payment.  Client will receive PROOF of all data, email marketing, retargeting results. Confirmation will be provided within 24hrs of payment. Weekly data updates will be provided during the course of the campaign.  
NOTE: Over 45 artist and companies have seen an increase of 30% in revenue during this campaign! 

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Price: $2500  Discounted price $2300