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A successful marketing campaign requires market research, analytics, and knowing your competitors!   
Without knowing who or where your music is purchased, you can't run an effective marketing campaign. It's not cost effective and it will fail.  
Custom targeted marketing will ensure 
exposure, sales and promotion with the correct markets!     
Retarget marketing guarantees up to 40% sales increase over the course of the campaign.  Website analysis to ensure pool (enough visitors to your site), conversion tracking and demographics will be provided during the course of the campaign.  Detailed contract and terms will be provided prior to payment or start of marketing campaign.  All terms are guaranteed and upheld by Music Registry.
Please email the MP3, artist name, song title, label and
Review of music and conference details will be emailed within 48hrs of submission. Music Registry will create a custom marketing and retargeting campaign to meet the immediate needs of the artist or business. Contracted will be drafted and emailed within 48hrs.  
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Price: $3800  Discounted price $3000